Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Corin William Roddy
Born 4/18/12 at 6:48 A.M.
7 lbs 11 oz
19 inches

Corin's Birth Story:

I was admitted early for high blood pressure, but had been having pre-labor "false labor" for days at that point and was already dilated to five centimeters. They were going to break my water to start labor, but after two hours of blood pressure monitoring in triage and getting my cervix checked three or four times, my body kicked it into high gear and went into active labor all by itself just as we were checking in to the maternity ward. 

Four hours later, my contractions were coming every two minutes and lasting a minute or longer. I was in a lot of pain, but coping pretty well (much better than the first time around). Matt was my birthing coach this time and I was so proud of the both of us as he coached me through every contraction and helped me to relax as much as I possibly could. The birth experience was going really well for me, but I was ready for some relief and asked for it. My midwife gave me a choice: she could break my water and I would have the baby within the hour (probably), or I could continue to labor on with pain medication. It was 1:00 A.M. and I hadn't slept well for days because of the early contractions I'd been having. I was tired. I opted to take something for the pain and rest for a couple of hours while my body kept working.

Sometime after 5:00 A.M. my water broke, the baby moved down, and I was ready to push. We were having problems with my epidural, which wasn't working on half my body (holy contractions, batman!), and by the time things were evened out (sort of) and my midwife got there it was 6:00. 

I pushed for over a half hour. This is a little unusual for a second baby, so the midwife had me move into position to deliver a big-shouldered baby. But when Corin came out, his shoulders were normal. It was his two little fists, up by his chin, and his elbows that were slowing things down. Unlike Avonlea's birth, I was overwhelmed with emotion when Corin was born. I cried as he cried out immediately and took his first breath. He calmed down within seconds and spent the next hour quiet, alert, and studying his surroundings.

We had a few complications after Corin came--I hemorrhaged for a little while and had my first date with pitocin. Ug. Not fun. And I thought the contractions were over! My blood pressure kept spiking too (this lasted through my entire first week post-partum).  But we had our little boy, and he... he was perfect. It's funny because in a lot of ways this pregnancy and delivery were harder than with Avonlea. But I felt so good about how everything went because I coped better and was mentally prepared for the challenge of labor and delivery. The tough stuff seemed like just hurdles to get past.  I think I was also really relieved not to be pregnant any more.

The rest of the day we had visitors: Matt's parents brought Avonlea, which was one of the sweetest moments of my life. She brought a little card and balloons and when she saw Corin, she said "Oh wow!" She cried when Matt went down to meet them in the lobby and bring them up--she was so excited to see the baby and missing us from being gone overnight, I just think it was emotional all around. It felt so good to be together as a family for the first time.

My parents also came by and so did Matt's siblings and cousin. Here's a shot of my parents with their new grandson.

All in all, it went really well and we took our little guy home the next day.

He didn't have a name until we were almost ready to leave the hospital. We had narrowed it down to a few--Edmund, Lewis, and Corin, and we were pretty sure the middle name would be William. Matt is the third generation in his family with William for a middle name, and the story of William Wallace has had a big impact on Matt.

As for the first name, the considerations were all influenced by C.S. Lewis and his Narnia series, which gave me a deep love for stories, and a longing for heaven as Lewis imagined it through Narnia from a very young age. Corin had never been a name particularly high on my radar before I was pregnant with him, but even before I knew he was a boy I felt like that was his name. God also really spoke some things to my heart through the book of Corinthians during this pregnancy, which felt related to the name. I also had a dream when I was pregnant that he was already born, but I couldn't find him anywhere. I called for him by all sorts of names, but when I called for him as Corin, I was able to find him.

Corin in the Narnia series is a young prince, a twin, who trades places with the main character Shasta for awhile in "The Horse and His Boy."He's a scallywag and a fighter, a boxer more specifically, and he gets the nickname "Thunderfists." Considering Corin's unusual birth position, the nickname at least fits.  

I knew that Corin means "spear," but I didn't know until a friend pointed it out after we'd named him that William means "helmet and protection." It feels like a balanced name with both. On the one hand, a fighter; on the other hand, protected and a protector.

I'll leave you with this. At our little home fellowship we attend, one of our friends prayed this blessing over Corin a few weeks ago:

"May you be a lion among men. May you fight: in the one hand justice and in the other might. And may you grow in grace."

May it be so.

Getting Back on the Blog-Wagon

Hello from the long-lost blogosphere!

I readily admit that attempts here have been half-hearted for some time. There are a lot of reasons for that. The main one being that work on my novel has been pretty absorbing this past year with submissions going out last August and major revisions with my new agent ongoing. Add to that getting pregnant in August with terrible morning sickness until about halfway through the pregnancy and an anti-nausea drug that made me more or less a zombie who could not get off the couch, and you could say that I got taken out for awhile. I had a brief respite for a couple of months and then the third trimester hit with an unbelievable amount of physical discomfort as I grew bigger and bigger and my ligaments and energy levels struggled to keep up.

I was also challenged this time around with something that really took me by surprise and left me scrambling to stay on top of life with a two-year-old, a household and friendships to maintain, and a pregnancy to cope with: prenatal depression. Postpartum depression gets a lot of attention, but I had no idea that prenatal depression, in a season when most moms seem to glow with happiness and expectation, could be just as real and just as difficult to get through.

Thankfully, our little one is here and life is returning to some normalcy. I'm feeling more like myself every day. With that, I'd like to get back to using this as a place to catalog some of the more photogenic things that happen in our family. Thanks to the faithful few who have waited for me to catch up.  Back-blogging to follow.