Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Merry and Bright 2011

Before the New Year, I'd love to share the Christmas cheer from this past month. I love this season so much--the opportunity to bring warmth and beauty inside from the darkness and the cold.

Our Christmas season this year was so rich. From going to cut our own tree with Avonlea (cold, adventurous tradition), to seeing the Nutcracker at the Pacific Northwest Ballet (magical), to seeing Santa downtown with the adult Roddy kids and a $10, twenty minute secret Santa gift exchange at Ross (silly fun), to singing "Holy, holy, holy," in a white clapboard church on Christmas Eve (heavenly), to seeing Avonlea wake up and wander out in her nightgown to discover her kitchen set from Santa aka Nonny and Poppy (wonderous), to feasting and gathering with family several times over (delightful): it was all so good. Here are some images I'm treasuring up in my heart after this last month.

Also, here are some fun backblog shots from our excursion to the mountains to cut down our tree with the Roddy fam.

And, finally, I'll leave you with this gem. The Roddys get their photo taken with Santa every year and this was no exception. It was an after-work evening event with dinner after and we had to stand in line for three (yes, that's right, THREE) hours, so Avonlea didn't come along. Regardless, baby boy Roddy made it into the picture, although I told Santa when he offered, NO, I did NOT want him to put his hand on my belly in the shot.

I hope your Christmas was as lovely as ours. We feel so very blessed.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Backblog: Family Portraits 2011

Thank you, Ashley DeLatour and One Thousand Words Photography!

Backblog: Roddy Autumn

Pumpkin farms...


Baking with no pants on... (This was during our potty training boot camp weekend: bare-bottom all the time!)

Visting Nonny and Poppa in Arizona...

Backblog: Project 2!

Well, as many of you know who keep up with Matt and I on Facebook or in the real world, our other big project these days is RODDY BABY 2!

I was very sick with this pregnancy and was on the couch from the end of August through most of October with nausea, exhaustion, and headaches. My wonderful mother-in-law took Avonlea most mornings so she could have some time to play outside of the house, but it was a long and challenging season for all of us. Hence, not a lot of fun family photos, creative endeavors, or delicious meals. :)

Despite all of that, we couldn't be happier with the news of a new addition to our family. And a few days before Thanksgiving, we found out that we're having a BOY!! Our family feels complete.

Photo taken at 18 1/2 weeks

I'm 21 weeks along now (almost 5 months) and baby is due on April 24. (That's two days after Matt's birthday, and the day after St. George's day--patron saint of England and slayer of a dragon!). I'm growing way quicker than I did with Avonlea and feeling a bit monstrous myself, but generally feeling much better than the first half of my pregnancy and getting excited to start making way for another life amidst ours.

When I found out I was pregnant, I picked up these two little things for him. They are his only possessions at the moment, but the benefit of having a big sister is that he has lots of things to inherit from her, minus all the pink clothes.

Can't wait to meet this little guy, and when we have a named picked out, we'll let you know. If it goes anything the way things did with Avonlea, it might be two weeks after he's born. :)