Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Projects Cooking

The summer months have flown by and I've been busy on some big projects that have kept me away from here. Every time I had creative energy for sewing ideas, blog posts, and cooking feats, I intentionally channeled it into the project at hand--a very difficult form of discipline, to be sure! I'm happy to say that intense season is over for the moment and I can share my progress with you.

The main project has been my novel. You can read the story about how I wrote it over the past 4 years here. I finished my first complete draft in April and spent the rest of the spring and summer editing. (I also did a post about editing on my author site here). I was working hard to have a polished manuscript ready by the time I attended the Pacific Northwest Writer's Association conference at the beginning of August. I was also honing my pitch and drafting up query letters since I had appointments to meet with literary agents at the conference.

Summer seemed like the worst time to be working hard when so many of my teacher friends were on break and everyone else was planning vacations, but I felt ready when I showed up at that Bellevue Hyatt Ballroom on August 4th, and that made every moment worth it.

I met with 8 agents and a publisher at the conference and everyone asked to see more of the novel. August was filled with last-minute edits from the wealth of craft learning I had gleaned from the conference, and then writing and sending those queries and samples to agents. I'm currently waiting to hear back--a process that could take a few months.

Matt went to Africa for two weeks at the end of August and Avonlea and I visited friends in California during his absence. We missed him terribly and Avonlea woke up every morning asking, "Da-da? Da-da?" We skyped almost every day.

September was supposed to be about all those back-logged sewing projects and blog posts, but another project unexpectedly got in the way of that. I'll share more about that later, but in the meantime, I'll put up some content from our summer, which despite all the work still had its share of camping, beach time, and family adventures.

Also, non-coincidentally, in the past month I've gotten an iPhone (for $9!) and signed up on twitter. I promise that's not why I haven't been blogging. ;) My twitter feed is @joannaroddy.