Thursday, February 24, 2011

Violet Beauregarde

Or, in other words, our little human blueberry:

Ha! I laughed out loud when I saw her in her snow getup this morning. She's wearing a down vest under her suit, making her look extra round.

Also, Matt snapped this last night as the snow began to come down:

I love how magical everything is to a child. I so look forward to the age when Avonlea can express what she's thinking and more fully grasp what is going on around her. For now, I look at that photo and imagine her my little Lucy Pevensie, discovering Narnia for the first time.


Stephanie said...

Love the blueberry look!

Bridget Beth said...

Thank you for your comment Joey! I would love to get together for a picnic when warmth returns to Edmonds. Stephanie told me a bit about your book and I can't wait to someday read it!

Ok. That blueberry outfit is the cutest ever. So darling!

Angie said...

The blueberry outfit kills me! love.

Jenny said...

did the snow actually accumulate? we've only had a light snowfall with nothing to prove it was here on the ground... (sad face)

love your literary references!

Joanna Roddy said...

@Jenny: An inch or less. It's continually snowing up here...and continually melting. Wah wah.

Joanna Roddy said...

@Bridget: Yay for getting together!

Kristen said...

she is too adorable for words, joey!

i hope you had a very fun + special day celebrating your birthday with your family today. happy 30th!