Saturday, February 05, 2011

Cousin Date

Our Christmas gift to my sister Jessica and her husband Damion for Christmas was an overnight babysitting session with their girls: Betty (18 months) and Luci (3 1/2). So when my sister's birthday came up last weekend, they seized the opportunity.

We loaded the three girls up in my parent's car and headed down to Seattle for an adventure: The Seattle Aquarium!

Betty, Luci and Avonlea

Who doesn't love a good felt board?

That night we got all three home for dinner and bathtime. I've never seen Betty smile so much.

In the morning we had eggs, chocolate croissants and berries before getting dressed for the day and heading back to mom and dad.

When we dropped the car off back with my mom she asked how it went. "You don't want to get your tubes tied or anything, do you?"

I had to admit, caring for three kids under the age of four was challenging. Mostly because OUR daughter can't stand being in the car and cried most of the time or kicked her cousin when we weren't looking. And then, carrying 25 pound toddlers all over the aquarium can make one's arms feel like they're going to fall off and induce headaches. But, overall, we loved making this sweet memory with our neices (and Luci's our god-daughter to boot).

I've seen Luci a couple time this week and she keeps asking when she can come over to Aunt Joey's house again. "I love you, Luci," I say. "I love you too," she answers. Now that's worth any amount of headaches, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Sweet story... the last sentence choked me up! What a wonderful Auntie you are!

Jenny said...

a fun memory indeed!

This might just inspire Jeff and I to do an overnight with our nephews...I kind of can't believe we've never done that. But then again..that does seem like a lot of work ;)

Anonymous said...

Whatt brave and wonderful people you are. Love that you made it so special for everyone. You guys are the best!