Sunday, September 26, 2010

September Family day-Kingston Ferry

We've happily split up our Saturdays each month into sweet little categories to make sure we're taking good care of ourselves and our family before giving all our time away to social functions: one day off for me, one day off for Matt, one day to be social, and one day for a family adventure and taking care of stuff at home together.

This Saturday we lucked out on the weather, the last Indian day of summer (post autumnal equinox-lucky us) before the rains of fall set in. We took a ride on the Kingston ferry and back.


What a gorgeous afternoon spent on the water, wandering Kingston, and back again. I hope Avonlea has an intrinsic memory of the feel of waves beneath and wind in the face. Nothing better.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Avonlea 8-months-old

Avonlea, you are 8 months old!

The last month was a big one for you in a lot of ways. First of all, you got two new teeth. It seemed like forever between when the first top tooth came in (with only a day or so of fussing) and the second one followed (weeks of fussing). It's finally here and just today you started taking bites out of your favorite food, banana. Yay! In fact, you eat nearly a banana a day and we've started calling you "our little monkey." Where you find room to put away that much banana, I have no idea.

You have become way more mobile this past month. You really mastered crawling early in August and now you zip all over the house. Then on one of our trips, you discovered you could climb on top of a suitcase and you've been pulling yourself up on things ever since--mommy's legs, the coffee table, the couch, and basically anything you can reach with those chubby little hands.

You've rounded out your travel experience to include another plane ride, a road trip, another state and a new country! We traveled to Montana for a family wedding first. You didn't sleep on the plane, but you were quiet and good and we had nice people sitting next to us who didn't mind you squirming. Then we went to Canada to see Uncle drew and Aunt Mari get married. You were the flower girl, and I must say, you stole a few hearts.

Current nicknames: Avo, Avo davo, Monchichi, Aves, Little One-der, Little Monkey, among others.

I should also mention that while Armstrong continues to regard you as an alien being who might possibly poison him if he even brushes up against you, Ella and you have become the best of friends. That white kitty snuggles up every morning after you've had you've had your milk--on top of my lap, on top of the boppy, on top of YOU. She purrs, soaking in your warmth. You look at me with wide eyes and say, "Oo!" You grab her fur, touch her paws. But most of all you seem fascinated with her ears, which you tug and squeeze. And she lets you! Later, she'll walk past you and let you grab her tail. Either she's completely love starved (possible), or she genuinely has taken a liking to you. Maybe we can get her to plead your case to the orange one.

You're loving to babble, laugh, and be tickled. We're teaching you "kiss!" and you lean in with an open mouth sometimes. You also learned how to do peek-a-boo and you love to hold any kind of cloth over your head and then pull it down quickly to try to surprise us. It's adorable. It's also my favorite way to appease you after wiping your face after you're done eating. You hate it, but you don't mind so much if you get to play with the washcloth afterward.

You also graduated from the sink to the bathtub since you're getting so big and mobile. Sometimes when mommy's getting you ready to get in the tub, or afterward when I'm trying to dry you off and get you in your pajamas, you make a break for it and crawl off buck naked. I'm not sure where you think you'll get to that way, but it's pretty cute to see your little bum disappearing down the hallway at top speed.

I love you, my little bear!