Thursday, November 12, 2009

In the One Thousand Words studio

I think I must be the luckiest girl in the world. My dear friend Ashley is such a talented photographer and since we were 16 I've had my life documented by her very capable camera. When she and her wonderful business partner Angie moved into a gorgeous new studio space this month, I was delighted to be invited in for a test shoot. Perfect timing to capture my nicely expanding belly. How did I get so spoiled?! Here are a few shots to share.

Check out Ashley and Angie's website here and don't miss the link to their sumptuous eye-candy blog that Angie keeps up.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Pregnancy Update

Thought you all might enjoy a few photos from this past weekend showcasing my 31 week belly. My dear friend Jenn Crowell was generous to host a very classy baby shower for me at her home on Saturday. It was so fun to see some friends and share the fun of this season of life with them.

King's friends: Stephanie, Alex, and Anna (check out that belly profile!)

7-day-old Miriam Acker came too!



Going Raw

Check out what Matt and I have been drinking every morning:

That's Green Lemonade, made from a whole head of romaine lettuce, several stalks of kale or chard, two apples and a whole lemon. We are LOVING it. It's sweet and lemony and full of nutrients like live enzymes, calcium, iron, and all sorts of good stuff. Seriously. It's green, but it tastes really good.

Last week, I picked up a book at the recommendation of my friend (and health and fitness professional) Nina. It's called The Raw Food Detox Diet and I kind of hate the name, because it's not really about going on a diet or about becoming a pure raw foodist. Nina recommended it to me because I was looking for some kind of comprehensive source of information for how to eat as healthfully and nutrient-densely as possible. I've been thinking a lot about this as we're entering cold and flu season and as I gear up for breastfeeding, one of the most nutritionally demanding times of my life.

In the book, Rose suggests a few simple ideas to optimize health and nutrition for everyone from people who are seriously overweight to pregnant women and children. Here are the basic ideas:

.:. Eat lots of fresh, raw fruits and vegetables and raw fruit and vegetable juices.
.:. Eat raw, unpasteurized foods as much as possible so that you get all the enzymes the way they are presented in nature to help the body digest them.
.:. Eat foods in combinations that allow your body to process them as quickly and efficiently as possible (think faster metabolizing). This means starches, fruits, nuts, and meat/dairy should all be eaten separately from each other, though all can be combined with vegetables.
.:. Eat whole grains and sprouted grains instead of refined wheat flours.
.:. Avoid dairy from cows, sugar, and heat-expelled oils as much as possible.

Of course, there's more to it than that, but the basic philosophy is inherent in those guidelines.

I was so excited by what I was reading, that I went out and bought a juicer last week to accommodate some of the great suggestions for getting more raw fruits and veggies into my diet. On top of the green lemonade every morning, Matt and I have enjoyed raw apple cider, raw orange carrot juice, and are planning to experiment with beets, spinach, and wheat grass.

Now Matt and I are not planning on eating only raw foods, (nor am I rushing out to buy unpasteurized milk and cheese while I'm still pregnant), but we are really loving this approach to eating as cleanly as possible. Here's a sample of my pregnancy regimen this week:

.:. Upon Rising: Green Lemonade (16-20 oz)
.:. Throughout the morning: Fruit every hour or so
.:. OR, if I'm feeling more hungry: sprouted grain toast with butter or whole grain cereal with almond milk
.:. Lunch: Garden in a Pot Soup (potatoes, carrots, celery, onions, spinach, cabbage, mushrooms, zucchini, and garlic in a veggie stock with some tomato paste, basil and paprika for seasoning).
.:. Snack: Smooth Mama Shake (1 banana, a splash of raw juice, chlorella powder, and raw walnuts)
.:.Dinner: Meat and vegetables, or, tonight we'll be having vegetables in curry sauce with quinoa (like rice)

There are plenty of days that I get to lunch and decide to have something off-plan, and dinners might combine starches and meats, even though it's considered ill-combined. I'm also not giving up holiday food, the occasional meal out, or special dinners with friends. I'm not trying to adhere to Rose's plan perfectly, but overall, it's very helpful to have these ideas to work from. I figure that a goal of eating this way 75% of the time is very attainable, since eating at home and weeknight dinners are usually pretty routine for us.

The hardest part, probably, has been letting my caffeine habit go by the wayside. I'd been weaning myself off since the summer and down to very little caffeine a day, but I still had to face the inevitable headache and sluggishness of a whole day with no coffee at some point and I chose last Thursday, the first day of juicing, to be it. I think pregnancy and rainy days aren't helping to boost my energy in caffeine's absence. I've been tired this whole week. But the worst is over and hopefully I'll be adjusted back to my own energy stores as I eat well and give it time.

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