Friday, June 20, 2008


Wednesday morning Matt and I, the cats, and 6 or 7 suitcases will be getting on a Seattle-bound flight from Boston. We're coming home.

Outside the window of our mother-in-law apartment in the woods, rain is falling. I have a cup of tea steeping and Armstrong keeps trying to crawl onto my lap. We've just returned from a graduation party about 4 hours north on Great Cranberry Island, where one of Matt's schoolmates grew up, surrounded by the forests of Acadia National Park. We bonfired on the beach, blasting music from an old pick-up truck, drinking beer and eating hot dogs. My favorite part was when the tide came in and a group of the boys "moved the fire," pushing logs up the beach with big sticks.

Mama and Papa Roddy are here for what I fear will be a somewhat anticlimactic graduation tomorrow (it is boat school, after all--not a lot of pomp and circumstance to be had in Carharts and Topsiders). But it will be good to see friends here one last time before we all split up to dismantle apartments and load up cars.

I have to say, despite the long cold winter, Maine a quietly lovely place to live these days and I wonder what the demands of a full social calendar and the pace of urban life will do to me after these ten months. No more driving past the cattle grazing in the field next to the Landing School or seeing the lobster boats in the bay. I will miss it, I think. But we're both pleasantly relieved that our jobs here are finished: Matt as a sleep-deprived student, and me as a bored office-worker. We're looking forward to our little break in Seattle with family and friends.

And after that? The next big adventure, though who knows where it will take us.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Elliot Invasion

The Elliot family

Last weekend, Nina, Christian, and Naomi Elliot flew from DC to Maine for a visit. We figured we'd better capitalize on being East Coast residents at the same time. We explored Portland and then Kennebunkport, which took about 20 minutes. Nina was shocked by the prisitine perfection of our little town. "Are there any dumpsters here?" she asked. "I don't know. It's kind of like Stepford, isn't it?" I replied.

We also had a fun night of pasta-making (we really are obsessed), a full daytrip to Boston where we met up with (newly engaged!) Maria and Peter, and then had a long morning at the beach before Nina and Christian flew out.

Highlights of the visit: Naomi learning not be afraid of the "kitti" (spoken in a whisper), Naomi pointing at everything, Naomi's surprised face with her little mouth in a big O, Christian trash-talking the pasta Team Roddy made against the pasta Team Elliot made, Nina's kick-butt training regiment she subjected me to at the gym (I was sore for 3 days), seeing Nina with Naomi--she really is an amazing mom.

Here are some shots from our weekend. Nina has more from Boston that she'll send me, so I'll add to this post when I get them.

Matt, Maria, Me, Christian, Naomi, and Peter in front of the Bull and Finch, the pub that inspired the show 'Cheers'

Watch out Maria! Peter looks too comfortable with a baby. I think someone would make a good daddy!

Naomi's first trip to the beach

Still smiling despite once being overdramatic Freshman roommates

Naomi and Nina

We heart one-pieces.

Goose Rocks Beach

Saying goodbye