Monday, October 23, 2006

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Do the (RED) thing.

Matt and I are really into Bono's new campaign launch to raise money for Aids and other diseases in Africa, where he believes that we are losing the battle. The idea is that major consumer companies like Nike, Apple, and the GAP are the real competitors for people's attention and money, launching million dollar ad campaigns all the time. Bono and his friend Bobby Shriver had the bright idea to get these companies working for them.

In addition to creating jobs for Africans by manufacturing red products in Africa, they also donate 50% of the proceeds back to Africa to pay for much-needed medicine, clinics, and medical aid. The project is supposed to go on for about five years, with new products coming out quarterly. Right now, motorolla has a red phone, Ipod has a red nano, Armani is selling Bono sunglasses, and the GAP even sells red safety pins with a red wooden bead for one dollar that buys medicine for a child with AIDS for two days.

A lot of people around the world think that Americans are selfish materialists who don't want to help the rest of the world. I know that's not true, but I often feel inept and humbled by the hugeness of these kinds of issues. The idea behind the project was to find ways for Americans to help out in their every day lives.

After seeing him talk about this project on Oprah and Larry King Live, we went out and bought some red products at GAP. Get into it! It's an amazing way to help out.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

What the heck are those Roddy's up to?

I thought I'd update you all on the state of affairs with us. Vacations are fun, but hardly an update as to life in general. Here's the scoop:

Matt: Still working for Wyngale Homes, a new home construction company, where he continues to manage projects, get dirty, and learn about materials and design implementation. Matt has lately been recognized for his hard work and integrity in the field and this week he was asked to fill in for the lead project manager while he was on vacation. He's also fostering some close friendships with the guys he works with--a really fun bunch.

Matt also started volunteering at the high school youth group at Bethany Presbyterian, the church we've been attending since February. He's helping out with the junior/senior guy's small group and really looking forward to going deep with them over the school year.

Joey: I started a new job teaching English at King's High School, a private school North of Seattle, this fall. I'm teaching SAT Prep (English) and running the journalism class/ school newspaper. I'll do that again in the spring and teach Creative Writing instead of SAT Prep. I love this job! I never imagined that I'd be teaching high school, but after subbing last year as a part-time thing, the principals really wanted to make me a permanent part of the faculty. I work with amazing people and I love the kids. Who knew?

I also agreed to take on directing the fall play--a comedy sports evening with skits and improv. I'm really looking forward to it, and the format is so much more managable than a full-scale production. My Young Life background is certainly coming into play (no pun intended).

Us: Still living in our wonderful apartment in the upstairs of a hundred-year-old house on Queen Anne hill in Seattle. Our kittens, Armstrong and Ella, are almost a year old now: certifiable cats! We're a little obsessed with the television program Lost, which we watch with our friends Andrew and Ainsley.

We're still moving toward a move to Maine for Matt to attend boat design school next fall. Admissions, jobs, and moving logistics will make the final decision for us, which may be a while. However, we are ready to move more in the direction of Matt's vocational dreams and believe this to be the season to do so.

That's it for now! More on our various adventures soon!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A Victoria-n Cruise, Anyone?

Here are shots from our Victoria trip for our one year anniversary on the 30th of September. We had such a great time. You can see that we enjoyed our safety drill on this 14 story boat--no photo could give you the real scope unless it were taken from a plane. We had a great time shopping in Victoria and enjoying high tea at the Fairmont Empress--the best this side of the Atlantic Ocean, supposedly. We feel so blessed to have made it through the past year so happily. Here's to many more!